High-end washing machines have changed significantly in recent years, becoming more energy efficient and feature-rich. The trend is towards machines that are larger and have more advanced features, such as steam cleaning and automatic dispensers. Some high-end models even come with built-in dryers, making them even more convenient. Discover the latest trends in washing machines with Trendsetic.com’s Shop by Trend tool. From top-rated washers to energy-efficient models, our selection of hand-picked washing machines offers something for everyone. Our unique tool helps you discover the latest trends in the washing machine industry, allowing you to make a purchase decision based on the most up-to-date information. Shop with confidence, knowing you’re getting the most advanced, efficient, and stylish washing machines available. 

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Some newer washing machines come with features like built-in faucets and water heaters, steam functions, and touch screens. There is also a trend towards larger capacity machines. Some newer models have a capacity of up to 5 cubic feet.