Robotics experts are wildly excited about this mind-blowing discovery. It could revolutionize how robots are used in medical, environmental, disaster response and search and rescue missions, they say. Scientists have unveiled a revolutionary invention: a shapeshifting robot made of liquid metal that can melt and reform itself to squeeze into tight spaces, perform complex tasks, and even escape cages. This groundbreaking discovery has robotics experts buzzing with excitement, as it could potentially revolutionize medical, environmental, disaster response and search and rescue missions.

The robot is made from a mixture of magnetic materials including neodymium, iron, and boron, and the liquid metal gallium. Scientists took inspiration from nature, noting that sea cucumbers can rapidly and reversibly change its stiffness. The robot is solid, but when under pressure it can make itself sturdier and stronger, and carry up to 30 times its own weight.

The potential of this robot is incredibly exciting and offers a glimpse into the future of robotics. According to the study published in the journal Matter on January 25, this magnetic-controlled robot could eventually serve as a hands-free tool for extracting swallowed toxic items. The possibilities of this liquid robot are seemingly endless and could provide a unique solution to some of humanity’s biggest challenges. – Brego of

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