The BEST Video on African Origins of Egypt is the last on this page.

There are a few problems with Dr. Bassem’s argument. He’s arguing Cleopatra is Greek, but then gets upset an Arab isn’t playing her? Cleopatra was Greek/Kemite, not Arab, and the Arabs didn’t arrive until about 660AD, some 300 years after Cleopatra passed away. He says it isn’t about race or culture, then scoffs at the idea of Blacks building the pyramids. Name one Arab named Khufu? Truth is he wants is to be considered white and not NOT African, dude, you are African. And…we have a statue of young Cleopatra that clearly shows her ethnicity. Arabs arrived after the party was long over. Bassem is quoting racist tropes…”South of the Saharan” or Subsaharan is a recent invention designed to make Kemet non-black in origin. He’s wrong on every level and 20 minutes of research would show him to be incorrect. There are Blacks in East and North Africa, always have been, just visit and see for yourself. Then at the end, he mentions the Nubians and Kushites which negates his own argument completely. Research the white washing of the 25th dynasty by French Egyptologists for further information. The reason the narrative is changing, is because we have science to prove that black history has been lost, stolen and strayed. Keep up, Bassem. 😉 I have to hand it to Piers, he handled the topic fairly.

Here are some comical meltdowns happening online because and African woman is playing the part of an African Pharaoh! Get ready to clutch your pearls! Metatron refuted with a well-researched rebuttal.

So, what’s the truth, Brego?

Well, there is no clear answer. Contemporary accounts suggest that her complexion is “radiant” and more is said about her being disciplined and smart than her race. Because, believe it or not…people in antiquity were not so color-struck and color prejudiced as they are today. In all likelihood her family mixed with Egyptians in the 300 years they were in Egypt from the time of Ptolemy I.  So the same people who say, “Color doesn’t matter are up in arms and crying tears at the possibility that she is portrayed by a brown actress.” Those who are really that bent out of shape, need to read up on history.

Here are some videos to clear your palette and help you gain a broader perspective on the topic.