Rihanna delivered an impressive performance at Super Bowl 57, proving that she is still the ultimate trendsetter. Being a music, makeup and fashion mogul and black self-made billionaire at the young age of 34, Rihanna never fails to impress, and her show for the Half-time Superbowl show was no different. It took a lot of work to pull off this technical marvel replete with floating stages and a troupe of dozens of backup dancers.

Give it a minute, some will claim the show, like  Beyoncé’s 2001 show was too sexually suggestive, too sexual or too…whatever. Rihanna, who is clearly pregnant kept the sexual vibe low key, even as her background dancers gave the young crowd the…hip-hop it loves. (read:Times, they are a changing)

I watch with mouth ajar as Rihanna glided from scene to scene, and performed….get this…pregnant, singing and dancing with a backtrack that actually backed her vocals and did not steal from the live vibe.  Rihanna didn’t seem to even break a sweat as she floated above the crowd as I watched on with my heart in my throat. I imagined a wind coming along and even at one point the floating stage seemed to wabble a little. Rihanna was unfazed and didn’t miss a note or dance step. It called to mind Beyonce’s chair choreography at the grammies. It called to mind that wind that blew Madonna off the stage years ago at one of her concerts.

But Rihanna in her cool style, understood the mission and delivered. It was clear that her backup dancers were well rehearsed and athletic. Her show was filled with surprises, from her Savage X Fenty makeup touch-up to her confirmation of pregnancy. Rihanna’s devil-may-care chic style was palpable, and her seductive stare and hazel eyes smoldered.

She went through her classic anthems like: “Bitch Better Have My Money,” “We Found Love,” “Rude Boy” and “Work” and got the crowd going. She also did two consecutive Kanye West songs, “All of the Lights” and “Run This Town” which was surprisingly unexpected. The event was capped off with fireworks that could be seen from the open roof. Rihanna showed us why she is the queen of her own world and that she does not need any help to give a memorable performance. Even though there were some major hits left off the list, she managed to fit 12 songs in the 13-minute performance, and the visuals and lighting effects were spectacular.

Rihanna had clearly planned her performance down to the last second and was pacing herself, building to a finale that was a mix of “Diamonds” and more fireworks. The sight of Rihanna standing in the center of the stage, holding a microphone and surrounded by her dancers, then slowly lifting her arms, was a powerful one. The Super Bowl was her world, and we were all just living in it. Rihanna has not performed in many years and her stamina was outstanding. The night belonged to Rihanna and she proved why she is the queen of the Super Bowl. A definite win for the NFL and for Rihanna!  See the video below to watch the Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime show below.



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