80s fashion modelBring On the 80s with 15 Top 80s Fashion Trends

Ah, the 1980s. A decade of big hair, wild colors, outrageous fashion, and catchy music. But those clothes don’t just stay in memory, they’re making a comeback. Here’s a look at all the most popular fashion trends from the 80s that are back in style now, so you can rock them in your wardrobe like never before.


Get ready to transport yourself back to the dazzling era of the 1980s, where boldness reigned supreme, colors ran wild, and fashion knew no limits. Prepare to embark on a journey through the most iconic fashion trends of that time that have made a triumphant comeback and are ready to inject a dose of nostalgia and style into your wardrobe.

So, what made the fashion scene of the 80s so unforgettable? Let me enlighten you:

  1. Denim Delights:
    – Denim Jeans: From sleek skinny fits to flared and distressed styles, denim jeans continue to dominate as timeless classics that effortlessly merge vintage charm with contemporary flair.
    – Jean Jackets: Whether you prefer a light or dark wash, jean jackets are the perfect companion, allowing you to effortlessly dress up or down while exuding undeniable coolness.
  2. Shoulder Power:
    – Embrace the power of shoulder pads with a modern twist. Opt for a chic blazer or fitted dress that features subtle shoulder pads, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your ensemble.
  3. Print Perfection:
    – Unleash your inner fashion maverick by embracing bold and captivating patterns that reflect your fearless individuality.
  4. Vibrant Color Symphony:
    – Embrace the spirit of the 80s by adorning yourself in vivid and unconventional hues that ignite your style with an electric energy and playful charisma.
  5. Cropped Chic:
    – Channel your inner trendsetter by confidently rocking crop tops, effortlessly paired with high-waisted jeans and your favorite sneakers, for an ensemble that exudes contemporary coolness.
  6. Marvelous Miniskirts:
    – Showcase your legs and capture the essence of 80s fashion with flirty and vivacious miniskirts that radiate youthful charm and infectious confidence.
  7. Leg Warmers:
    – Elevate your outfit with a vibrant burst of color by adorning your legs with leg warmers, whether you’re strutting in jeans, skirts, or dresses.
  8. Now, let’s delve into the ultimate guide on how to flawlessly embrace the authentic 80s female aesthetic:
  9. Crop Tops:
    – Effortlessly merge the resurgence of crop tops with high-waisted jeans and your go-to pair of sneakers to achieve an enviable fusion of modern trends and retro vibes.
  10. Leg Warmers:
    – Infuse your wardrobe with a delightful pop of color by accessorizing your jeans, skirts, or dresses with leg warmers, instantly channeling the spirit of the vibrant 80s.
  11. Jeans:
    – Embrace the everlasting allure of skinny jeans while exploring the versatile realms of flared, boyfriend, and distressed styles, allowing you to curate a fashion-forward look that pays homage to the 80s.
  12. Jean Jackets:
    – Add an extra layer of style versatility to your wardrobe with a well-fitted jean jacket, available in a range of light or dark washes, effortlessly amplifying your ensemble for any occasion.
  13. Shoulder Pads:
    – Immerse yourself in the subtler side of shoulder pads, opting for impeccably tailored blazers or fitted dresses that bring forth an understated yet captivating sense of drama.
  14. Power Suits:
    – Reclaim the essence of power dressing with resplendent power suits that have made a triumphant return. Choose a daring pattern or a captivating color to leave an indelible impression wherever you go.
  15. Captivating Dresses:
    – Embrace the charm of yesteryear with off-the-shoulder dresses and puffy sleeves that epitomize the vintage allure of the 80s.

What Do You Wear to an 80s Theme Party?

  • Go for the classic power suit
  • Dress up like Madonna with an oversized sweater and poofy bangs
  • Opt for a jean jumpsuit like Beverly Goldberg with a vintage band tee
  • Slip into a timeless fur coat and LBD
  • Have a bohemian moment in a Laura Ashley dress
  • Take it to the goth side with a black dress and striking makeup
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with leg warmers and funky jewelry
  • Carry a boom box if you’re feeling brave!

Are the fashion trends of the 80’s In Style?

The 80s were a wild ride that changed fashion forever-and guess what? They’re back! From denim to shoulder pads, crop tops to leg warmers, the 80s are dominating the fashion world once again. So don’t miss out on your chance to rock this rad decade. Be sure to bookmark Trendsetic.com as we will be covering the fashion trends of the 1990’s next. Use our trends search tool below to get that 80s look in no time!