First we at must apologize for linking to a story from Fox Entertainment. We do so in the hopes that you will see their justification for their attacks on the poor. Alabama Governor Kay Ivy outstretches her hands in a scene reminiscent of the opening of the Arch of the Covenant of Indiana Jones fame as she announces she’s:

“It’s about saving the people that are on the side of the road and saving people from having to go to prison if they hit one,” Ingram said. “We’ve had over 800 get killed in 2021 and so this is very important.”

But that can’t be the entire story, as Trendsetic spots a trend of more and more of the homeless being attacked and arrested merely for existing. We also find the woman who misrepresented Critical Race Theory as something being taught to children (it is no) and who said teaching CRT is teaching “HATE” as entirely incredible.

Kay Ivy, this relic of the old south, perpetuates old tired ideas of southern cruelty, she takes up the gauntlet of the republican partty and continues to criminalize the poor.

We know we live in a country where we idolize the rich and everyone loves to pretend they are rich even if we have not window nor pot. But the right for the poor to ask for alms is ancient, a given. And one never knows if one will ever be in their shoes.

But republicans are attempting to criminalize the poor, the mentally ill and disabled. That’s who they are and what they do. Fill those private prisons with those unable to defend themselves is the largest grift. That’s some religion they follow.
Remember this, how they treat the least of these is how they will treat all of us…eventually. “First they came for the poor, and I said nothing.”

They’ll take away inconsequential rights first, under the guise of: “It’s for your protection.” Well, a lot of people where put into “protective custody” by the Nazis during WWII and got anything but. Think on that.
Everything this 45 led part does, every right they strip from the masses is for the supposed protection of something….the unborn, the protection of feelings, the protection of motorists….and on and on. But in reality they protect none but their own financial interests.