The woman in this photo is not me, but it could be. Maybe me in 20 years. Well, she’s not a woman, she’s an AI generated image. But she represents, in my mind, a vast market that is not being recognized. The “Silent Influencer” the “Co-Creator”, no…she’s not yelling into a microphone, and she doesn’t have a douchecast, but she has a deep resevoir of knowledge and life experience and she brings value to the world in a way that youth, fame and model looks can’t. This is why we call it “New Media” because media is transforming itself so quickly, it can hardly be defined. A year ago this AI generated image wouldn’t have been possible. Like the Brego Arts & New Media network, she has a potential high-reach in the social media and marketing realm, but is often overlooked by marketers because she is not fully “activated”. Often older influencers lack the following of younger, richer model types, but as companies reassess their influencer strategies, many are turning to micro-influencers who are more values based. It is our hope that companies start thinking about how they can support, encourage and develop influencers long-term. There is a lot of symetrical exploitation within the influencer sphere, and we believe cultivating people, thinking of them as “co-creators” and “creators” is a healthier paradigm and Trendsetic sees this as a powerful new trend.

As a middle-aged “Co-Creator” or “Silent Influencer”, I have long been struck by the stark differences between so-called “New Media” and traditional outlets. The notion that these two could coexist in the same ecosystem can seem like a great challenge, but a closer examination of the players in these spaces reveals some fascinating opportunities. It is my hope that more attention will be paid to the unsung heroes of the media landscape, the mature, experienced and largely untapped potential of the “Silent Influencer” or “Co-Creator” population.

In an age of shallow “influencers” and short-term dollars-and-cents focus, many within the mature population have been denied the chance to make their voices heard. Thankfully, the tide is turning towards a more values-based approach to influence, an approach which recognizes that a lifetime of experience and skill is significantly more valuable than the loud ramblings of a “mic dropper”. At my network, we are carefully curating a roster of “micro-influencers” who have something meaningful to say and a lasting impact to make.

The issue of ageism, and not only ageism but an array of other “-isms”, is becoming increasingly important as companies look to target different forms of influence. Mature influencers, of course, approach the industry in a different way to their younger counterparts; their plans are more deliberate than those of the current trend-setters, and their content is driven by a far longer-term than what has previously been the standard.

By recognizing the immense value of “Silent Influencers” and taking the time to appreciate the non-traditional approach which many mature creators offer, we open the door to a whole world of potential. I am immensely proud to be part of this, and to lead the way in this new movement. It is my belief that a values-based media landscape produces far higher quality content than the ever-changing rush of modern media could ever manage. Let us work together to make our future brighter and our content more meaningful.